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Guide to Commercial Solicitors

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A commercial solicitor acts for businesses of all sizes. Caseloads range from general company - commercial work (such as advising small start-up businesses) to large, complex corporate transactions (such as mergers and acquisitions), often referred to as corporate law. Commercial solicitors advise on specialist areas of law and represent clients where there is a business-related dispute.

Most commercial solicitors specialise in particular areas of law, such as:

  • property;

  • tax;

  • employment;

  • finance;

  • intellectual property;

  • competition law.

Generally, commercial solicitors work as part of a team on highly complex and intellectually demanding work, which requires the ability to meet exacting deadlines and work under considerable pressure.

Typical work activities:

Depending on the size of the firm, a commercial solicitor either has an ongoing caseload of clients or works on a smaller number of large transactions.

Solicitors activities vary according to the type of case and specialist area of work, but typically involve:

  • advising clients on the law and how it may affect their case;

  • drafting documents and contracts relating to the client's case;

  • negotiating with clients and other professionals to secure the desired objectives;

  • researching documents and case history to ensure the accuracy of advice and procedure;

  • supervising the implementation of agreements;

  • coordinating the work of all parties involved in each case;

  • acting on behalf of clients in contentious matters and representing them in court, if necessary;

  • checking all documentation prior to signing and implementing;

  • organising further contact with the client to negotiate work and contracts and to gather information to assist in the preparation of case materials;

  • instructing advocates for representation, if necessary;

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